Are you searching for a right CCTV Camera?

Are you searching for a right CCTV Camera?

What is CCTV camera?

As we know that security holds a big platform in today’s life. Scientifically it has been proved that installing or owning a CCTV security actually decreases the antisocial behavior of theft and vandalism.

Now a days we know that CCTV is likely to be considered for decreasing threat of violence at work, or emotional harassments, or sexual and verbal harassments in different societies.

These concepts of CCTV cameras acts as a monitor, which allows you to access an unprofessional behavior at work or ant, distanced place. CCTV security systems are useful in several places where you feel so relaxed and tension free from all your hesitations.

EZYCAM provides the best home security system, which monitors all your premises in every situation of life from anywhere.

We provide very large variety of CCTV security systems which are listed below with a short introduction:

1. CCTV Camera with DVR

The CCTV security systems with DVR have a major advantage that it can be used to record video images around your surroundings. The videos can be also replayed and can be saved along with time and date. Tracks and records every movement that transpires within the area of the surveillance equipment. These recordings can be used for future investigations in the court or elsewhere.

2. CCTV Camera with NVR

The CCTV security systems with NVR that is network video recorders or NVRs are paired up with IP cameras, with a resolution starting from 2MP to 12MP.The NVR cameras are very flexible in placements. It is also available with remote control and mouse too. And it is a real time recorder.

3. Bullet CCTV Camera

It is a camera which can be placed anywhere at a height. Apart from being Wi-Fi-capable, bullet type cameras can easily be embedded with micro SD card to store motion-triggered videos and snapshots. It’s also water resistance and ranges till 35 meters.

4. DOME CCTV Camera

In terms of appearance, dome surveillance cameras have fixed or mobile and movable domes; various external housing could be designed to blend in with the surrounding. The primary reason for opting for dome security camera systems stems from the fact that they are uniquely qualified to be responsible for massive area surveillance, especially if they are outfitted with extraordinarily advanced sensors and high resolution like 20MP or 50MP.

5. Vandal Proof Camera

Vandal proof security cameras are outfitted with metal housings to prevent the lens from becoming damaged when there’s maltreatment or physical abuse. Vandal proof security cameras should always be considered when investing in a video surveillance system for your home or business property. It has high resolution of 1000 TVL.

6. Varifocal Bullet Camera

Varifocal cameras are extremely easy to use and versatile for all of your needs. There are multiple forms of varifocal cameras, just like there are a lot of different types of irises for the cameras. It is an IP 68 Waterproof camera. It automatically activates LED in night vision.

As we all know we are too busy in our daily routine life, that who has that much time to go to a shop and buy security appliances. So we provide you online home security systems. Online security is more relevant for you to order and saves your time too.

You can explore all products from the product’s menu. Feel free to get in touch on our toll free number 1800 100 7234 or email us at techsupport@vriminfrasol.com for any further information.

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