Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EZYCAM Virtual Guard?

    EZYCAM Virtual Guard is our service wherein we remotely monitor your premises via cctv cameras installed at your site. Whenever there is a motion detected our team of professionals review the Video and alert the authorized person in case of any misconduct.

  • How Many months agreement do I need to sign ?

    You need to sign a minimum contract of 12 months with us.

  • What is EZYCAM Health monitoring service?

    EZYCAM Health monitoring service is our service wherein we remotely check of cameras are working at your site or not. In the specified time(10am to 7pm) if any of the camera or DVR will turn off we will notify you and your service provider via SMS/e-mail so you can take appropriate action.

  • Can I Call you for Hardware issues?

    You can call us for Hardware issues we will try to help with the issue on phone though we do not take any responsibility or any liability in case we are unable to help you. In case you request us to visit your site, depending on your location minimum visit fee of Rs500 will be charged, if you are not under AMC contract with us.

  • What happened in case Internet or Electricity go down ?

    In Such a case we will notify you immediately via SMS/Phone as per pre agreement with customer. We are responsible for Internet and Electricity only at our command center. Client is requested to make similar arrangements at their place to ensure this doesn't happen.

  • Are there any days you have Holidays ?

    Our Command Center operates 365 days and we don't have any off days.

  • Under what conditions will the services be inactive ?

    In case of Natural occurring calamity or Government Curfew Directive the Command Center will be up and running at all times.

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