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Ezycam Trace acts as your third eye providing you with 24/7 security and control over your own premises.

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Health Monitor Serveice
Overview We are happy to introduce our new service “CCTV Health Monitoring System”

Sometimes customer installed CCTV Surveillance system but could not find any activity and does not take care of system weather system is running or not, cameras are working properly or not anwhen any emergency happen customer will try to see in system but it could not find any thing due to system off or cameras off.

That is why we have introduce this system in that we will monitor your system in our office and check your system during our office time period of 10 AM to 7 PM and if any video loss activity means camera turns off then we will through email or sms notify the customer and service provider that your system is off whatever it is.

Health Monitor Service Overview
How it works

How Back-to-Base Monitoring Works

Our professional team will monitor your system and will notify you and service provider through Email/SMS in case of Video Blind, Video Loss and System Disconnection.


CCTV Streaming


Monitoring Center


Found Problem


Notified to Owner / Nominated


  • It will prevent theft and illegal activities
  • Continuous Motion Based monitoring
  • Automated system alerts
  • Ensure security of property
  • Smoother and faster service
Requirements & Limitation Adding value to your operations through the best in business security monitoring.

There are some requirements needed from customer side so that we can give our best services to customers.

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  • Uninterrupted power Supply:- Customer has to provide uninterrupted power supply at DVR side so that 24*7 DVR is on and we can monitor your property.

  • Internet Connection:- Customer has to provide uninterrupted internet connection at DVR side so that we can get continuously email alerts and we can notify if any emergency will come.

  • Contact Info:- Customer has to provide at least one person contact information so that whenever if any emergency will come we can notify and contact that person or security agency

  • Regular Maintenance and service of Surveillance system :- For better and smoother operation it Is necessary to service surveillance system at regular interval. You can take AMC or call for service at regular interval.

Terms and Conditions

  • In case of video blind and video loss issue occurs we will only inform you through Email / SMS alert and we are not responsible if customer did not saw alerts.
  • If customer call us for service then we will take extra charge for technical support.
  • This service is only provided between 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Customer must provide fast internet connection for better operation like 1 MBPS for 8 channel and 4 MBPS for 16 channel DVR.

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